Showcase Your Cars The Right Way

As a hobbyist car enthusiast to now taking on my passions a lot more seriously, I’ve learned the hard way: flooring is everything when you deal with cars! Let me explain.

After doing research, I learned that epoxy flooring is the toughest and most durable choice for your garage floor. These floor systems can withstand heavy traffic, heavy machinery and equipment, and dropped tools. This is extremely important since I deal with oil spills, repairs, and so much more on a daily basis.

There are also countless choices in epoxy garage floor systems, making it the ideal way to showcase your cherished and growing car collection. These floors provide an impressive range of both functional and aesthetic benefits that every automobile collector is sure to appreciate it.

I made a list of the top reasons epoxy garage flooring is the top option for any car enthusiast or mechanic:

Make Your Garage Floors Stain-Resistant

Few people collect cars without ever spending some time tinkering beneath their hoods. In fact, for the average collector, some of the most prized vehicles are forever designated as works-in-progress. This means that without an epoxy garage floor system, your showroom is virtually guaranteed to be filled with oil stains, brake fluids, chemical stains and other blemished.

Not only will an epoxy floor cover these things up, but it will also prevent new stains from appearing. These surfaces are entirely non-porous and this means that over-spray, drips, leaks and spills can simply be wiped away.

Eliminate Chips, Cracks And Spider Veins

It might be that your current garage floor isn’t exactly in top condition. Even without oil spills and other stains, these surfaces can start to look far older than their actual age. These seemingly minor imperfections can actually detract from the appearances of the vehicles that you’ve stored in this space. When professionally applied, epoxy coatings are sufficiently thick for eliminating these blemishes entirely.

More importantly, given that measures like diamond grinding and shot blasting are used during the installation process, these issues will be greatly minimized even before the epoxy is actually applied.


Get Rid Of Concrete Dust

Concrete floors are incredibly dusty. In fact, much of the copious, white dust found in showrooms and garages that have concrete flooring actually comes from the concrete itself. Not only is this capable of diminishing both showroom and automobile aesthetics, but it can also play a major role in diminishing the overall, indoor air quality.

If you or anyone else spends a lot of time in this area, these are particulates that you’ll constantly be breathing in. Epoxy garage flooring systems function as a durable and reliable sealant. Once these systems are in place, concrete dust will be effectively contained.

Create A Slip-Proof Workspace

Certain options in epoxy floors are entirely slip-proof. This remains true even in areas in which oils and other lubricants are being used, and where drips and spills frequently occur. When installing epoxy floors in their commercial showrooms, business owners have the ability to minimize potentially devastating, liability issues. At home, this is just another way to keep yourself safe as you tinker with your favorite vehicles and immerse yourself in your favorite hobby. Preventing slip and fall accident is also a great way to prevent dropped tools and dropped equipment.

Keep Your Floors Clean Year-Round

Keeping the garage floor clean throughout the year can be an incredible challenge. Moreover, cleaning concrete is often a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process. This is simply not so with epoxy. Soap, water and a decent mop are all that it takes to keep epoxy garage floor systems clean.

Epoxy floors stand up well to a number of chemicals and outdoor elements. Despite the temperate and reliable climate of Southern California, choosing an all-weather flooring system is important. Epoxy flooring installation in San Diego has helped countless locals maintain beautiful showrooms despite surprising developments in outside conditions, unexpected traffic, and other developments that might leave a conventional concrete floor looking far worse for the wear.

Build A Little Sweat Equity

For homeowners, upgrading the floors in garage areas is often a great way to build sweat equity. Having an epoxy garage flooring system installed is one of many home improvement projects that can actually raise the value at which a home is assessed.

This means that once the installation process is complete, you will have automatically increased the amount of home that you own outright. These treatments can additionally raise the overall marketability of both residential and commercial properties, given that many knowledgeable buyers will instantly appreciate the lasting value and durability that this flooring type provides.

Impress Your Guests With A Glossy Finish

At the end of the day, epoxy floors are undeniably, far more impressive-looking than dry, dusty, and significantly stained, concrete surfaces. With epoxy flooring, you can choose from a dynamic range of floor colors that perfectly complete or contrast with your vehicles. There is even the option of adding in eye-catching, 3D designs that effectively tie together all of your other showroom decor.

Can you imagine not doing such beautiful cars proper justice by displaying them properly?!