Races For Adrenaline Junkies

Hyperactive, adrenaline-seeking individuals are always full of energy and are just waiting for the next high they can get from an extreme activity. One of the great ways to do that is through racing, which is fun and rewarding at the same time. But which one is best for you? Below are a few examples of some of the most popular and interesting racing activities you should try, if you haven’t already!

Motorsports is probably the most popular and complex racing category, as it encompasses many kinds of motorised vehicles for competitive racing. If you want to delve into this field, you will have a rich variety to choose from. There’s two main categories for motorsports, one being the open wheel races which includes Formula One, Formula E and the IndyCar Series, among others. The other category is enclosed wheel racing, which includes sports car, stock car, and touring car racing. Aside from these, there is still a bunch of other motorsport racing activities. With dedication and commitment, accompanied with talent, it is quite easy to make a great career in motorsports.


Motorsports Racing


If you are not afraid of the water, you can also try kayak racing, starting off with a lightweight kayak. An example of this you will find after reading a Oru kayak review, one that is easy to tranport as well. Kayaks originate from the northen arctic regions and their invention is accredited to the Inuit or Eskimos. It was only in the mid 1800’s that the kayak began to gain popularity in Europe, with Germany and France being the first countries to kayak as a sport. Kayaking is now a popular Olympic sport, with more than 10 types of whitewater kayaking, including sprint and slalom events. If kayak racing is your dream, be prepared to stay close to the nearest whitewater area and realize that it’s definitely a lot of hard and consistent work to train yourself.


Kayak Racing


Some individuals want to keep it natural so they prefer animal racing. The most popular is horse racing, which can also be further branched into Chariot racing, Flat racing, Thoroughbred racing, trotting and Steeplechase. However, its not only horses who can race! Almost every animal can be trained for racing, including camels, zebras, buffalo racing in Kerala, pig racing, pigeon racing and even lobsters (though they are not technically animals).


Zebra Racing


Perhaps you think it’s not a real competition if you compete with the help of cars, boats or animals. You can try running or swimming. Running is probably one of the oldest sporting activities, with the first recorded game taking place in Gaelic Ireland in 776 BC, with the Tailteann Games. You can choose from any of the following running activities: adventure, track, cross country, fell, road, trail, tower, and marathon. That is, if your body can withstand consistently long hours of activity. If you can’t use your legs, you can still try paralympic swimming instead.


Swimming And Running


Skating is also another great sporting activity for adrenaline lovers. The are different types of skating, including speed, rollerskating, inline, and ice skating. Competitors race each other in covering a certain specified distance in the fastest time on skates. The main kinds of speed skating are short track, marathon, and long track. You might already be familiar with the term “speed skating”, which refers to long-track and short track, used in the Olympics.


Ice Skating Race


Every sporting activity, perhaps racing mostly, is fun because you are competing with other individuals to be faster. Making a career out of racing can not only be good for your health, but is very lucrative as well. Furthermore, there is nothing more fun than being paid to do what you love…getting that adrenaline high.