Motorcross: The Ultimate Racing Competition!

Motocross is an extreme sport involving dirtbikes that race on dirt tracks which contain large jumps and a rough terrain. It’s popular across the world and has professional leagues with many well known racers. Besides lap races, there are also rally races and trick contests to provide variety in terms of entertainment. It is a dangerous sport, but one of the most exciting ones to watch or participate in.


AMA Motorcross


Many pros say they could not see themselves in any other profession because they love it more than anything else. That’s not to say they don’t try to take precautions. Official track crews line the outside of the track with hay bails and sometimes soft rubber tires. The racing itself is the dangerous part, but the racers are usually respectful of each other and try not to hurt one another.


Types Of Races

Lap Races are exciting, fast paced, and usually have one jump. They line up the racers, usually on top of the jump, and have them wait for the flag waver to start the race. The racers are stacked with alternating rows so that every one has a window to go through at the beginning. Once the flag has been waved, there is a flurry of engines and they start down the jump and race through a set number of laps until the first person crosses the finish line.


racer on the track


Rally Races start at one point and finish at another. These are usually on a trail and have many large jumps where huge air can be achieved. This is where the most exciting time of the race comes, when veryone is trying to get where they are going, all at the same time. There can be crashes, spills, and bad landings galore when these jumps are approached. Like lap races, rally races are decided by the winner being the first one to cross the finish line.


dirtbike racing


Trick Contests are similar to skateboarding competitions with their rules and set up. The only difference is that the trick runs have one giant hill for the motocrosser to speed down, resulting in one huge jump to do the best trick they can while in the air. Once the biker has hit the ground they clear the area and await a judgment from their jump.


motorbike trick


There are three judges that rate the jump from zero to ten, and then those scores are averaged for a final score. Each participant has three jumps to try for the best trick they can land, and the best score wins the competition. This is usually the most exciting part of all the races because of all the cool tricks riders can do.

Motocross can be pursued on any off-road course and it is a very popular sport in the south and midwest. It’s fairly costly, but has enormous high adrenaline value. All that is required is a bike and a properly equipped rider.