Showcase Your Cars The Right Way

As a hobbyist car enthusiast to now taking on my passions a lot more seriously, I’ve learned the hard way: flooring is everything when you deal with cars! Let me explain.

After doing research, I learned that epoxy flooring is the toughest and most durable choice for your garage floor. These floor systems can withstand heavy traffic, heavy machinery and equipment, and dropped tools. This is extremely important since I deal with oil spills, repairs, and so much more on a daily basis.

There are also countless choices in epoxy garage floor systems, making it the ideal way to showcase your cherished and growing car collection. These floors provide an impressive range of both functional and aesthetic benefits that every automobile collector is sure to appreciate it.

I made a list of the top reasons epoxy garage flooring is the top option for any car enthusiast or mechanic:

Make Your Garage Floors Stain-Resistant

Few people collect cars without ever spending some time tinkering beneath their hoods. In fact, for the average collector, some of the most prized vehicles are forever designated as works-in-progress. This means that without an epoxy garage floor system, your showroom is virtually guaranteed to be filled with oil stains, brake fluids, chemical stains and other blemished.

Not only will an epoxy floor cover these things up, but it will also prevent new stains from appearing. These surfaces are entirely non-porous and this means that over-spray, drips, leaks and spills can simply be wiped away.

Eliminate Chips, Cracks And Spider Veins

It might be that your current garage floor isn’t exactly in top condition. Even without oil spills and other stains, these surfaces can start to look far older than their actual age. These seemingly minor imperfections can actually detract from the appearances of the vehicles that you’ve stored in this space. When professionally applied, epoxy coatings are sufficiently thick for eliminating these blemishes entirely.

More importantly, given that measures like diamond grinding and shot blasting are used during the installation process, these issues will be greatly minimized even before the epoxy is actually applied.


Get Rid Of Concrete Dust

Concrete floors are incredibly dusty. In fact, much of the copious, white dust found in showrooms and garages that have concrete flooring actually comes from the concrete itself. Not only is this capable of diminishing both showroom and automobile aesthetics, but it can also play a major role in diminishing the overall, indoor air quality.

If you or anyone else spends a lot of time in this area, these are particulates that you’ll constantly be breathing in. Epoxy garage flooring systems function as a durable and reliable sealant. Once these systems are in place, concrete dust will be effectively contained.

Create A Slip-Proof Workspace

Certain options in epoxy floors are entirely slip-proof. This remains true even in areas in which oils and other lubricants are being used, and where drips and spills frequently occur. When installing epoxy floors in their commercial showrooms, business owners have the ability to minimize potentially devastating, liability issues. At home, this is just another way to keep yourself safe as you tinker with your favorite vehicles and immerse yourself in your favorite hobby. Preventing slip and fall accident is also a great way to prevent dropped tools and dropped equipment.

Keep Your Floors Clean Year-Round

Keeping the garage floor clean throughout the year can be an incredible challenge. Moreover, cleaning concrete is often a very time-consuming and labor-intensive process. This is simply not so with epoxy. Soap, water and a decent mop are all that it takes to keep epoxy garage floor systems clean.

Epoxy floors stand up well to a number of chemicals and outdoor elements. Despite the temperate and reliable climate of Southern California, choosing an all-weather flooring system is important. Epoxy flooring installation in San Diego has helped countless locals maintain beautiful showrooms despite surprising developments in outside conditions, unexpected traffic, and other developments that might leave a conventional concrete floor looking far worse for the wear.

Build A Little Sweat Equity

For homeowners, upgrading the floors in garage areas is often a great way to build sweat equity. Having an epoxy garage flooring system installed is one of many home improvement projects that can actually raise the value at which a home is assessed.

This means that once the installation process is complete, you will have automatically increased the amount of home that you own outright. These treatments can additionally raise the overall marketability of both residential and commercial properties, given that many knowledgeable buyers will instantly appreciate the lasting value and durability that this flooring type provides.

Impress Your Guests With A Glossy Finish

At the end of the day, epoxy floors are undeniably, far more impressive-looking than dry, dusty, and significantly stained, concrete surfaces. With epoxy flooring, you can choose from a dynamic range of floor colors that perfectly complete or contrast with your vehicles. There is even the option of adding in eye-catching, 3D designs that effectively tie together all of your other showroom decor.

Can you imagine not doing such beautiful cars proper justice by displaying them properly?!

Races For Adrenaline Junkies

Hyperactive, adrenaline-seeking individuals are always full of energy and are just waiting for the next high they can get from an extreme activity. One of the great ways to do that is through racing, which is fun and rewarding at the same time. But which one is best for you? Below are a few examples of some of the most popular and interesting racing activities you should try, if you haven’t already!

Motorsports is probably the most popular and complex racing category, as it encompasses many kinds of motorised vehicles for competitive racing. If you want to delve into this field, you will have a rich variety to choose from. There’s two main categories for motorsports, one being the open wheel races which includes Formula One, Formula E and the IndyCar Series, among others. The other category is enclosed wheel racing, which includes sports car, stock car, and touring car racing. Aside from these, there is still a bunch of other motorsport racing activities. With dedication and commitment, accompanied with talent, it is quite easy to make a great career in motorsports.


Motorsports Racing


If you are not afraid of the water, you can also try kayak racing, starting off with a lightweight kayak. An example of this you will find after reading a Oru kayak review, one that is easy to tranport as well. Kayaks originate from the northen arctic regions and their invention is accredited to the Inuit or Eskimos. It was only in the mid 1800’s that the kayak began to gain popularity in Europe, with Germany and France being the first countries to kayak as a sport. Kayaking is now a popular Olympic sport, with more than 10 types of whitewater kayaking, including sprint and slalom events. If kayak racing is your dream, be prepared to stay close to the nearest whitewater area and realize that it’s definitely a lot of hard and consistent work to train yourself.


Kayak Racing


Some individuals want to keep it natural so they prefer animal racing. The most popular is horse racing, which can also be further branched into Chariot racing, Flat racing, Thoroughbred racing, trotting and Steeplechase. However, its not only horses who can race! Almost every animal can be trained for racing, including camels, zebras, buffalo racing in Kerala, pig racing, pigeon racing and even lobsters (though they are not technically animals).


Zebra Racing


Perhaps you think it’s not a real competition if you compete with the help of cars, boats or animals. You can try running or swimming. Running is probably one of the oldest sporting activities, with the first recorded game taking place in Gaelic Ireland in 776 BC, with the Tailteann Games. You can choose from any of the following running activities: adventure, track, cross country, fell, road, trail, tower, and marathon. That is, if your body can withstand consistently long hours of activity. If you can’t use your legs, you can still try paralympic swimming instead.


Swimming And Running


Skating is also another great sporting activity for adrenaline lovers. The are different types of skating, including speed, rollerskating, inline, and ice skating. Competitors race each other in covering a certain specified distance in the fastest time on skates. The main kinds of speed skating are short track, marathon, and long track. You might already be familiar with the term “speed skating”, which refers to long-track and short track, used in the Olympics.


Ice Skating Race


Every sporting activity, perhaps racing mostly, is fun because you are competing with other individuals to be faster. Making a career out of racing can not only be good for your health, but is very lucrative as well. Furthermore, there is nothing more fun than being paid to do what you love…getting that adrenaline high.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride – Men’s Health Charity

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride charity was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2012 by Mark Hawwa. He saw a photo of Don Draper from Mad Men, which inspired him to want to eliminate the negative attitude towards men on a motorcycle, while bringing men and the motorcycle community together. The first event took place in 2012 and managed to accumulate a total of 2,500 riders from 64 different cities. It was this success from the first event that made the founder consider how the program could be used to aid a worthy cause. It was then that the group changed into a recognized organization that supports men’s health.


Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Inspiration
Don Draper (Mad Men)


This progress was witnessed again when 11,000 participants from 145 cities across the globe raised over $277,000 in 2013. In the following year, the project brought together 20,000 participants from 257 different cities in 58 countries, and managed to collect $1.5 million. That’s quite a difference in just one year! In 2015, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride managed to raise $2.3 million. The number of participants in that year increased to 37,000, from 410 cities in 79 countries across the world. Finally, in 2016, the number of participants increased tremendously to 56,000 from 505 cities in 90 different countries. During this year, $3.6 million was raised and used for the prostate cancer research and men’s mental health program.

Since losing one of their partners in 2016 to depression, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride added funding for men’s mental health programs, in addition to prostate cancer research. The foundation has acquired a new charity partner, The Movember Foundation, who are also helping them to fund their programs. This foundation also hosts their own events to help raise funds for prostate and testicular cancers, as well as mental health care and awareness.


Charity For Men's Health


The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is categorically a men helping men program, known for riding motorcycles for men’s health. The project currently funds prostate cancer, which is the second most dangerous health concern for men. This is combined with the efforts of the Movember Foundation, which is the largest funder of prostate cancer charities in the world.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is also concerned with suicide prevention in men. The statistics indicate that 510,000 men die every year globally from suicide. It is for this reason that the organization has decided to participate in funding men’s mental health. The aim of the organization is for people not to take their own lives, by working to improve their mental conditions, which will assist in minimizing the cases of suicidal acts around the world.


DGR Founder Mark Hawwa
Mark Hawwa (talking)


In 2017, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride will take place on September 24th, where thousands of men are expected to come out and join hands together on the ride to save men’s lives. The program is also in place to raise awareness between men themselves, as a group. The organization hopes that creating awareness will cause men to come out and check their health status and to improve their living conditions. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a seven day ride, every year, where men ride to fundraise on their Triumph Motorcycles, wearing their Zenith Watches, who are both sponsors of this great event.

Motorcross: The Ultimate Racing Competition!

Motocross is an extreme sport involving dirtbikes that race on dirt tracks which contain large jumps and a rough terrain. It’s popular across the world and has professional leagues with many well known racers. Besides lap races, there are also rally races and trick contests to provide variety in terms of entertainment. It is a dangerous sport, but one of the most exciting ones to watch or participate in.


AMA Motorcross


Many pros say they could not see themselves in any other profession because they love it more than anything else. That’s not to say they don’t try to take precautions. Official track crews line the outside of the track with hay bails and sometimes soft rubber tires. The racing itself is the dangerous part, but the racers are usually respectful of each other and try not to hurt one another.


Types Of Races

Lap Races are exciting, fast paced, and usually have one jump. They line up the racers, usually on top of the jump, and have them wait for the flag waver to start the race. The racers are stacked with alternating rows so that every one has a window to go through at the beginning. Once the flag has been waved, there is a flurry of engines and they start down the jump and race through a set number of laps until the first person crosses the finish line.


racer on the track


Rally Races start at one point and finish at another. These are usually on a trail and have many large jumps where huge air can be achieved. This is where the most exciting time of the race comes, when veryone is trying to get where they are going, all at the same time. There can be crashes, spills, and bad landings galore when these jumps are approached. Like lap races, rally races are decided by the winner being the first one to cross the finish line.


dirtbike racing


Trick Contests are similar to skateboarding competitions with their rules and set up. The only difference is that the trick runs have one giant hill for the motocrosser to speed down, resulting in one huge jump to do the best trick they can while in the air. Once the biker has hit the ground they clear the area and await a judgment from their jump.


motorbike trick


There are three judges that rate the jump from zero to ten, and then those scores are averaged for a final score. Each participant has three jumps to try for the best trick they can land, and the best score wins the competition. This is usually the most exciting part of all the races because of all the cool tricks riders can do.

Motocross can be pursued on any off-road course and it is a very popular sport in the south and midwest. It’s fairly costly, but has enormous high adrenaline value. All that is required is a bike and a properly equipped rider.

Learn Mountain Biking Basics!

Do you remember riding your bike for the very first time?  For some of us, that was our call to freedom and adrenaline.  Later on, for me, it was followed by mountain biking.  I’ll never forget the rush of that first ride.  Ever since then, I’ve been hooked and go once every couple of weeks, at minimum!

Want to learn mountain biking basics?  This video goes over a lot of good things.  Check it out: